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AR-021EX and AR-021EXH The Lobster EX series is designed to meet the high performance requirements demanded by new, stronger structural rivets for various high strength situations. The AR-021EX is designed for Monobolt® and T-rivet use, while the AR-021EXH is designed for use installing Huck Magna-lok fasteners.
ARV-015S and ARV-015M Lobster ARV-015 blind Production rivet tools are designed for enhanced vertical access and unique applications. Each tool features an integrated vacuum system for rivet retention and spent mandrel collection. The straight-line design allows for an over head vertical approach which is ideal for fixed position assembly line workstations. The mandrel is ejected automatically out of a tube, which prevents it from falling back into the assembly or around the work area.
AR-012 Rivet Pistol with Remote Pump is light and powerful. The remarkable AR-012 meet the demands of large volume applications of high performance blind riveting in otherwise inaccessible points. The Lobster exclusive design consists of a light weight hand-operated rivet pistol and remote pneumatic/hydraulic pump and will set any standard rivet from 3/32 through ¼" diameter. The tool is equipped with 5 nosepieces.
AN/200A Hydra Pneumatic tool that delivers the mechanical precision, durability and increased productivity that today’s industrial environment demand. The AN/200A features a lightweight, yet rugged, die cast aluminum body with one touch, single trigger operation. An on-demand, emergency reverse switch lever is provided if the mandrel does not reverse from the Cel-Nut properly during Installation.
BR-200M Lobster BR-200M offers cordless convenience with dedicated design and rotary mechanism for continuous, infinite stroke. The cordless tool is ideal for use in auto repair and restoration, outdoor sign construction, heating ventilation and air conditioning, and other on-sight construction applications. The BR-200M has a rivet capacity of 3/16" diameter and comes with a two-speed gear driven motor. It is equipped with four nosepieces, a one-hour quick charge battery and a durable carrying case.
2000 Series Lightweight, fast and durable the 2000 Series riveters are built with a high-impact polymer case to deliver value and performance in a lightweight powerful package. The 2000 Series features a quicker rivet setting cycle and longer stroke for increased productivity. Lobster's exclusive Soft-Set® shockless technology absorbs jarring vibrations, which enhance worker safety and minimizes the risk of CTDs. The new Lobster 2000 Series - setting the standards for blind riveting.
COB-67 Fast, durable and lightweight, the La Cobra COB-67 riveter is our newest addition to the product line and offers a inexpensive opportunity to move up to substantial rivet setting power. The COB-67 sets 3/32" to 5/32" rivets in all materials, and 3/16 diameter rivets in aluminum, steel and stainless steel with steel mandrels. Its stoke is .625", with a working air pressure of 85 to 95 PSI, all with a weight of 3.2 lbs.

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CN/12 Commercial Hand Tool features rugged construction and a patented quick change mandrel design that does not require any tools to convert to a different size rivet nut. This tool can easily set aluminum and steel Cel-Nuts from 6 - 32 to ¼ - 20 and comes equipped with 4 mandrels and nosepieces to set 6 - 32 up to ¼-20.
CN/28A The powerful, heavy duty CN/28A is excellent for setting larger sizes of Cel-Nuts or for moderate volume applications and maintenance departments. Fully adjustable, the CN/28A is lightweight and designed to easily set 6-32 through 3/8-16 Cel-Nuts in all materials. The tools come complete with a sturdy metal case and is equipped with all mandrels, nosepieces and wrenches.
C/2B The Celus C/2B Hand Rivet Tool is a light weight, heavy duty capacity rivet tool designed and quality engineered to set all rivets 3/32" through 3/16" diameter in one easystroke. Tool comes equipped with special high strength jaws and four interchangeable nosepieces and a built-in service wrench. This tool is also available in a convenient kit with a selection of our most popular rivets and a handy storage box.
C/1B Medium duty Commercial rivet tool designed to set rivets 3/32" - 3/16" diameters in low production, commercial applications. The tool is equipped with 4 nosepieces.
C/6B The Gripper heavy-duty hand tool will set all rivet diameters through 3/16" and is an excellent value for production areas without readily available power sources. The tool is equipped with 4 nosepieces.
C/9A This heavy duty hand riveter has special construction features that take the hard work out of setting large rivets by hand. The C/9A sets all rivets up to ¼" diameter, and comes complete with 5 nosepieces. This tool is ideal for truck body shops, boat yards and construction sights.

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CN/12AK Featuring our CN/12 Hand Tool, this Cel-Nut kit is equipped with all mandrels and nosepieces to set 6-32 through ¼-20 Cel-Nuts. The kit contains an assortment of aluminum Cel-Nuts.
CN/12SK This kit is the same as the CN/12AK except it contains a assortment of steel Cel-Nuts. The kit contains an assortment of steel Cel-Nuts.
C/1BK Commercial Kit featuring our C/1B light duty tool, this handsomely packaged tool and rivet kit, meets the needs of most consumers as well as those light industrial requirements.
C/2BK This Industrial Kit features our most popular C/2B One-hander rivet tool and an assortment of popular sized rivets. Ideal for use by automotive and industrial users, alike, the C/2BK is attractively packaged in a lightweight plastic case and is suitable for pegboard hanging.
PULLING HEADS & NOSE PIECES Replaceable pulling heads and nose pieces may be ordered separately. Please specify size when ordering.
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All rivet tools can be serviced by Celus Fasteners' expertly trained repair department.
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