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Rivet Material Head Style
Body Mandrel Domed Head CounterSunk
Aluminum Aluminum MA/A64D - 810D
Domed Head Rivet

Steel Steel MS/S64D - 810D
Domed Head Rivet

Stainless Steel Stainless Steel MSS/SS64D - 86D
Domed Head Rivet

Steel Steel
Quik Snap Rivet

There is a special Celus® Tigerbolt™ rivet nosepiece that must be used when installing the Tigerbolt™ Rivet.

Backside Clearance
Minimum Backside Clearance must be calculated to allow room for the mandrel head. Subtract the actual work thickness from the overall rivet length to factor the backside clearance required.

Backside Material Thickness
Because it is a “wire-draw” rivet, the Tigerbolt™ requires a backside material sheet of sufficient thickness and rigidity to prevent hole deformation from occurring during the setting sequence.

Dry film lubricant applied at the factory must not be removed prior to rivet placement. Made under license from Textron, Inc. U.S. Patent No. 4,046,053 and 4,365,495. Tigerbolt™ is a registered trademark owned by Celus®.
Additional head styles and other alloys may be available on custom engineered orders. Please request a quotation.